Evolution of the Barber Shop

We all need a place where we can joke, laugh and talk about anything happening in the surrounding world without worrying about anyone’s judgment. Many of you may confine that space to your home but how can we forget the barbershop in your neighborhood.

Even from the past several decades, we have observed that barbershops are always filled with people, but they are here not just to get a haircut, even for many more. This is the place where men find themselves free from gossiping, debating, and sharing their political views. Same as the dentists and surgeons that serve the extensive range of people in the community on daily basis, barbers also have a rich history in the American tradition. 

The history of barbershops is dated back to 296 B.C. when Greek men used to meet at the marketplace to get their beards and heirs trimmed while enjoying some gossips with random people around. A trade in this field was finally introduced in the 19th Century in the United States when A.B. Moler opened the first most barber school in Chicago. He made efforts to lead professionalism, education, and training to the field of facial hair trimming, and slowly, his thought leads a successful industry. Over the years, barbershops gained major revolution around the world and they started gaining more importance while building a sense of community. 

In the African-American community, Barbershops have been an important cultural staple and they used to serve an extensive range of white men. Furthermore, it was considered as the most founding industry that helped the poor communities to stand on their feet. This was one of the first sectors that allowed black African men to become an entrepreneur.

Note that the evolution of barbershops was not limited to the big screen TVs, modern age trimmers, and motorized reclining chairs. The business industry is making hard efforts to serve the grooming industry with new products and techniques to create unique barbershop experiences. Barbershops are not meant to lead the theme of good looks; rather, it has been more about feeling good. The new age barbershops are equipped with all those tools and equipment that can help us achieve the best version of ourselves. 

The trend of barbershops is embracing in terms of accessibility and diversity. Along with the latest trends of hair trimming and beard shaping, the modern age barbershops are also known for tattoo designing. The fashion industry these days is inspired by several unique grooming trends and barbers play important roles in that. It is now possible to find many trendy barbershops in the cities these days. The barbers these days prefer to take a course from reputed institutions to understand the best trends and techniques. It is also possible to receive certification from international universities as well. 

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